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the Grammys. Janelle, Miley, Dua, St Vincent, Gaga, Cardi sleeveless shawn friends win, we are happy and proud. dress up as a leather cowgirl. go out in town. party hard. lizzo wearing the best outfit of all night NO QUESTION. do random performance in a club somewhere I don’t remember. go to chateau to celebrate big win with Dua and friends. fly off to the moon. ⚡ end up in my a&r’s hotel room, try on all his clothes; walk around and save the music industry. ‍♀ quick time out in the bathtub. rally and go to crazy house in Beverly Hills. diplo plays remix of Soulja boy whilst I am mesmerized by chandelier ‍♂. dancing with friends. more celebrations with Tove and Dua and the gang. random scrum at the end coz someone goes through a glass door and everyone freaks out. trapped in a room for a bit but it’s cool tho ‍♀. find a 2015 Grammy in the car on the way home. Wake up feeling crazy but had fun. Literally only took this pic. Well done to everyone who was nominated or won last night. All my friends, love u, proud of u. Gonna recover now
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