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[Game Version Update] 4.33.0
「Hold the Barrier」, the Civilization Fortress garrison points event will be issued!
- During the event, players can get points rewards by sending soldiers to garrison the Civilization Fortress. The longer the garrison time, the better the points reward.
- During the event, you can also help your allies garrison their Civilization Fortress. The more allies you help, the better the points reward
- During the event, you can also earn a huge number of points via killing the enemy soldiers garrisoned in the Civilization Fortress and plundering Civilization Fortress.

Function optimization and adjustment:
Hero adjustment
- Adjusted the purification attributes of Warhammer. Offensive Damage and Offensive Damage Taken (Reduction) have been adjusted as the special purification attributes. The max attribute value can be earned via purification has been increased from 3 to 4.
- Attribute Purification for Arrow of God of Love is available now
- Attribute Purification for Wild Swordsman is available now

Activated equipment evolution extra attributes
- After evolving all parts of equipment with the same quality to a certain level (+2, +4, +6, +8, +10), you will activate an extra attribute for each stage.
- The extra attributes of Archangel Set contain All Soldier Units Attack, All Soldier Units HP, Offensive Damage Taken (Reduction), and Offensive Damage.
- The super powerful extra attributes of Governor Set, Prosperity set, Royal Set and Guard Set contain attributes related to Rally, Soldier Training, Researching, construction, hospital and defending
- If 6 pieces of evolved equipment belong to the same equipment set, 100% of the extra attributes will take effect; if 5 pieces come from the same set, 90% of the attributes will take effect; 4 pieces, 80% of the attributes will take effect. Less than 4 pieces from the same set cannot activate this effect.

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