Steve Kunnath posted on May 16, 2019

Traun Foto by Nicholas Parker

”The First Wildflowers of Spring"

I've been waiting for the Balsamroot plant to explode east of the mountains. It should be any day now. Its a fun plant to photograph and is part of the sunflower family. Its also pretty tough, as it survives in dry, cold weather on barren, windy mountain sides.

Yesterday, I was curious to see what kind of vegetation had grown near the Rocky Mountain Front with all this nice, warm weather we've had lately. I threw my gear in my car and headed that direction. No Balsamroot to be found, but there were beautiful patches of Rocky Mountain Douglasia.

The weather this morning was unique; dark clouds over the mountains with intermittent sun and blue sky. I waited a bit for the clouds to move in front of the sun so I could photograph all the foreground flowers.. Better detail/color is captured in low light conditions without the glare.

Its funny how things work out. I was disappointed when I stumbled out of my rig this morning to see a thick cloudy sky. I was hoping for a colorful sunrise (pink) to go with the Rocky Mountain Douglasia I had scouted the night before. I stuck it out, and when the sky started opening up and the morning light had lit up the mountain peaks, I was glad I stayed.

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