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55-yr-old #busdriver masters 7 instruments, holds concerts at bus station

Xiao Yun, a 55-year-old bus driver in southwest China’s #Sichuan province, has mastered seven instruments and even holds concerts at the bus station, winning him applause and praise from his audiences.

The love of music originated at the age of 20 when Xiao started practicing the guitar and harmonica. In the years that followed, the music enthusiast learned saxophone, African drum, drum set, cucurbit flute, and musical keyboard.

The diligent practice is the knack of Xiao’s mastery of seven instruments. “I often spend two or three hours a day practicing instruments. During holidays, I like to play at nearby parks, where I meet like-minded friends on music,” said Xiao.

Playing instruments in his spare time brings him relaxation and the intense concentration helps him feel more energetic. To avoid affecting his neighbors’ rest, Xiao often practices at the station or in the bus. The melodious songs always attract bosom friends.

Together with other music-loving bus drivers, Xiao has formed a band and is frequently invited to participate in various performances. He has become a popular star.

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