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Injustice against women happens all over the world, including the United States. We believe in change through the power of storytelling.

I recently had the chance to meet Halimah Tariq, a young lawyer turned filmmaker due to her experience with ConnectHer and ISF. Halimah’s latest film, Fatima, exposes the difficult working conditions of female brickmakers in the kilns around Lahore, Pakistan. Women and girls as young as 10 are among the 4.5 million brick kiln laborers in Pakistan. Fatima won the 2018 Green IS Environmental Film Award at the Girls Impact the World Film Festival 2018 (a film festival run by ConnectHer with an annual award sponsored by the Ian Somerhalder Foundation).

Submissions for GITWFF 2019 are now open and we can’t wait to see your work. If you are a high school or undergraduate student and have a passion for action and a story/cause about women’s issues then this is for you! Deadline to submit is January 20, 2019 ([ Connecther.org Link ].

“There are so many stories that need to be told,” says Halimah. “Don’t be afraid to take the vital first step. If you don't do that, you never fully understand what you have to offer the world.” @gitwff @connecther Ian Somerhalder Foundation

GITWFF Guidelines: [ Connecther.org Link ]
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