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WHAT DOES A MAN IN A KILT SAY ABOUT YOU? (An oldie and a goodie.)

1. Dougal – You like to be entertained, but you’d rather stay in than go out – happy to sit together and watch TV, or watch Dougal! You’re light-hearted, relaxed, and you like warm, loving relationships, but with sexual spontaneity.
2. Eddie – You’re adventurous and love a good laugh. You like to step outside the box and you’re not afraid to do things others would be afraid of. You’re a joyful soul, but you love temptation. Eddie will take you places you’ve never been before.
3. Fergus – Fergus doesn’t say much, but that’s not a problem. Fergus is more of a physical being. You live for the rush. You seek experiences rather than material gain.
4. Ginger – You have a rebellious spirit; most likely you’d be found in a pub or a tattoo parlour but you have great respect for your mother (who taught you to knock back Scotch when you were but a wee lassie). You’re always up for a good protest. Ginger feeds your fiery expectations; he’s moody, but loyal to the end.
5. Lachlan – You’re a thinker with an appreciation of the outdoors and maintaining good physical health. Lachlan’s a traditional Highlander: shrewd, loyal, an early riser who swims in the loch every morning. He’s your rock.
6. Mac – You work hard and you party hard, just like Mac. Mac will bring home the bacon and you’ll be ready and waiting for him.
7. Ned – You’re a creative soul and you love life; you’re a passionate lover and you’ll follow your man to the end of the world. Your heart rules over your head – your biggest nightmare is an office job and you’re thrilled by the unconventional. Ned dreams of a better world and you love him for it.
8. Robert – You want safety and security but with a hint of danger. Robert’s a family man; he’ll always be loyal and take care of you, but underneath that angelic exterior lie a few thrilling secrets…
9. The Blade – You probably didn’t always play nicely as a child. You’ve had many lovers as you live life on the edge. Where you’re going is of no consequence; you’re only concerned with the moment. The Blade is dangerous, unpredictable; just what you want.
~Sue (Fraser) Fitzmaurice ;)
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