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Olive Blues introduces us to a blend of intriguing characters and the appealing atmosphere of a small French town in Provence. Explore the dreams and challenges facing three generations of women, and the positive and negative sides of our connected world. For Shirley, the dream of opening a B&B is nearly reality. She loves the area, its cuisine and its culture, but her elderly mother’s constant criticism and complaints—including about the ‘boarding house’—weigh heavily. Her daughter Emma, a bright young marketing executive and social media fan based in London, faces drastic changes to her life. What lies ahead when somebody she cares about seems to hate all she’s worked for? And Gran? Is she as difficult as she seems? Enjoy Bren Atkinson’s lively writing, memorable characters, and her love of this charming area of France.
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Olive Blues (The Edge of Provence)

Olive Blues (The Edge of Provence)

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