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Meanwhile the far-right continues to spread its venom of hatred and lies on social media.

Ahead of the European elections this week, Avaaz has discovered that over 500 Facebook groups, pages and accounts have been spreading fake news, hate speech and white supremacist content to deceive voters and interfere in the democratic process. Operating from France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Poland and Spain, these pages have gathered over 32 million followers, generating millions of interactions.

How did they do this? The technique is simple and highly deceptive: far-right groups created for instance general interest pages on football, beauty or health, and after followers massively joined, they slowly instilled hate messages and false political information. Avaaz reported the suspect pages to Facebook for clean-up.

This is only proof that despite Facebook’s efforts to counter fake news on its platforms, much still needs to be done to bring down these far-right networks once and for all.
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