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Me and this Wheels Up #KingAir350i sky baby/workhorse. My “air” office and the greenest and most efficient plane in the sky. When I was a little boy flying in my uncle’s Cessna I found my love of flying and my love of the sky. I always dreamed of flying around the world and now for my work, I live in the sky. Some are short flights and some long, but they are a great many in number. Mostly to see you all! I’m shooting #VWars right now and I’m so bummed that I missed hanging this week in Florida with my Wheels Up and my Textron Aviation family at the #nbaa18 (National Business Aviation Association) NBAA this year- I WILL make it next year. I can’t wait to see the innovation and artistry of these amazing machines. We have a hard and long road to push in the sustainability realm of aviation both on the business and commercial sides. Revolutionizing efficiency and fuels is the way of the future... it’s a MUST for our planet. I live on this thing so me and my team feel so safe and grateful to Textron Aviation for building them and Wheels Up for having such a huge fleet of them- giving us access to move around safely and efficiently.
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