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退休7年來,李銀河老師一直居住在威海的海邊,過著非常規律的三段式的生活。上午寫作、下午閱讀、晚上看電影,早中晚三次去海邊散散步。閒時,會在微博上回答網友提問,這些問題也都離不開性、婚姻和家庭。借著新書《我們都是宇宙中的微塵》出版,我們與她聊了聊愛情。#性 #婚姻 #家庭

After retirement, Li Yinhe has lived by the seaside of Weihai for 7 years. She keeps regular hours, writing in the morning, reading in the afternoon, and watching movies at night. Three times a day, she takes walks by the sea. When she got time, she answers netizens' questions on Weibo. Mostly questions related to sex, marriage and family. With the publication of her new book, "We Are Dust in the Universe”, we talked with her about love.
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李銀河:未來,性愛機器人將和電視機一樣普遍 Li Yinhe: In the Future, Sex Robots will be as Common as TV Sets
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