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建築師米歇爾來自廣州,她身邊有很多朋友都是生活和工作無明顯界限的斜槓青年。因為想和自己的5個好朋友住到一起,米歇爾改造了廣州番禺一棟老糖廠車間,為每人量身打造出6間房,取名“無界社區”,過上了愛人在身邊,朋友住隔壁的生活。#無界限 #朋友

Michelle, an architect from Guangzhou, has a lot of friends with slash careers. There’s no clear boundary between their life and work. In order to live with 5 such friends, Michelle renovated a workshop of an old sugar factory in Panyu District, Guangzhou. She designed a unique room for all the 6 residents and named the building No-boundary Community. In there, they live a life of “the beloved one is around and friends are next-door.”
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廣州建築師改造一棟樓,和5個好友住一起 Guangzhou Architect Renovates a Building to Live with 5 Friends
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