http://www.mendability.com - Mendability is a new, low-cost, clinically proven therapy for autism.

Mendability uses Sensory Enrichment therapy to activate brain plasticity in kids with autism and help them overcome the symptoms of autism.

From the study:
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To promote the speed of postoperative recovery and to improve the quality of life during hospitalizations, it is important to provide patients with not only the best treatment possible, but also to remove such sources of stress and to counter them with positive distractions that have soothing and stress-reducing effects.

Viewing nature or having plants present has been considered an effective positive distraction that may provide ample involuntary attention, increase positive feelings, block or reduce worrisome thoughts, and promote restoration from stress (Ulrich, 1992).

Researchers who have assessed the impact of nature/plants on human health have suggested that people-plant interactions provide physiological stress reduction (Chang and Chen, 2005; Coleman and Mattson, 1995; Lohr et al., 1996; Ulrich et al., 1991; Verderber and Reuman, 1987).
This relaxation occurs remarkably quickly, almost within minutes (Ulrich and Simons, 1986).

People in a natural/plant environment not only showed faster physical recovery from stress, but also improved psychological (Kaplan, 2001; Kaplan and Kaplan, 1995; Ulrich, 1979), emotional (Adachi et al., 2000; Ulrich, 1981; Ulrich et al., 1991), and cognitive health (Cimprich, 1993; Hartig et al., 1991; Tennessen and Cimprich, 1995).

In addition, viewing nature/plants is linked to positive health outcomes of individuals, such as in pain reduction, less need for analgesics, and a quicker recovery from surgery (Diette et al., 2003; Lohr and Pearson-Mims, 2000; Park et al., 2004; Ulrich, 1984).

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