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On my way to OT for tonight & it’s the 1st time in a few yrs I’m going up the motorway not feeling depressed about the goings on at the club both on & off the pitch.

I’m now searching for little glimmers of positives to talk about in the studio. Rather than just dissecting performance (which I much prefer), I’m dissecting that & everything else that is wrong with the football club.

Ole (and Mick Phelan) were brought in to steady the ship for someone else to come in and take the club forward. But have come in and taken an opportunity & ran with it! They know the club inside out and have the history of the club at the forefront of their thinking every step of the way. What a difference in the atmosphere around our club - a total change, a facelift so to speak.

The players have their swagger back, confidence is swarming the place but also as important, Ole has the staff smiling again. What a turnaround.The job is far from done but the club now seems to have gotten its mojo back, there is hope again.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s game....just like the old days! PS...it’s all in the detail. A group of men walking into a stadium suited and booted doesn’t guarantee a win but it sure does set the right tone for the football club.

Come on Manchester United ❤⚽ #MUFC #UCL #PSG #Ole
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