#tbt “2 my main man President Ronald Trump, check out when you colluded wiv me a few years ago and u corrected all dem stupid fake news scientists who said dat humanoids have only been around for 300,000 years.

Yesterday it was proven in de courts dat u iz a crook - respeck! U iz a genuine gangsta! And it turns out most of your crew are too innit (4 guilty so far). U iz de Suge Knight of world leaderz innit.

Also nuff respek for bonin all dem pornstars - but why iz u payin dem money to keep quiet about it? We know it aint coz u haz got a tiny dong, u told everyone it woz massive on da telly, and one fing u ain’t, is a liar. Anyway, peace out, u iz a hinspiration for young people, showing dem u can become President of America without having to give up a life of crime. Bigupyaself O.G.” - Ali G

#thuglife #thuglifechoseme #NotoriousD.J.T. #tbt #nofilter #Business
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