Conor Paul Maynard
19 Years Old
Born: 21st November 1992
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Dont really know why im describing myself since you can see me in my videos....
Oh well :)

In case you felt like crying today..
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Anth - Too Much To Drink

When Conor Maynard and I were writing this song, I really wanted to give an honest, private, inside look of what I’m feeling and going through in my personal life right now. As many of you already know through my previous music, relationships haven’t always been easy for me. I’m constantly traveling and working which makes it extremely difficult to find a balance that can make a relationship work. Recently, I lost someone very special to me because they could no longer accept my lifestyle. This song is dedicated to her. If you’re going through a difficult time in your relationship, or if you’ve ever had to let go of someone when you weren’t ready to, I hope you can find some form of comfort with this song and video ♥

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