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Hi everyone,

We would really like to thank everyone in this online community for the deluge of love, admiration and respect for our father Stephen during the months since he died. So many of you have taken the time to comment on his past posts – which has been lovely. It helps us enormously in the face of great loss to know that people worldwide think, talk and care about our father and the work he did.

Our father’s work was so important to him and he strived against such terrible odds to achieve his success. But his work wasn’t important to him because it brought him fame. It mattered to him because he believed in science and the role science had to play in the shape the world would take in the future. He loved the thrill and challenges of scientific discovery but he was always mindful of the impact on people outside the academic community and he wanted to share his work with as wide an audience as possible. So it’s been especially meaningful for us to see your responses on these pages.

Our father always told us he wanted his work to continue after his death so this is our mission now. We will be sharing updates with you via this page. These posts will be signed SHF as we move forward with the Stephen Hawking Foundation.

We really hope you stay with us and engage with the news and discoveries we have to share with you. We hope we can honour his legacy and that you will help us…


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