A gold Kia was my inspiration. Actually, that’s not true; it was my brother Donald who was my inspiration. He was the one I looked up to so much when I was young. (I do today as well!). I really wanted to be like him.
His 10-speed bicycle was when I first decided I wanted to ride a road bike, not those cheap department store bikes. Granted, back then Kia was a department store bike, but I wasn’t aware of that. But it’s not just the inspiration that gets me to encourage others to do the MS150 like I have several times. It’s the reward you get from that experience I want to share with others.
I first signed up several years ago purely for the challenge of it. 150 miles over two days was, at the time, a truly epic challenge. Although it started out selfishly, it ended up being something totally different.
What did I get out of it? Better physical fitness, better quality of sleep, better moods, an ability to focus more, even better productivity, and my attitude changed noticeably too! I also gained an insight to multiple sclerosis. I learned about supporting charities. Who wouldn’t want to improve lives, both personal and others?
So many people come up with excuses as to why they “can’t”, yet they’re just excuses. Ask anyone who has risen up to the challenge if they have any regrets. You’ll get unexpected answers: “I wish I raised more, I wish I trained harder, I wish more of my friends did this.” You won’t hear: “I wish I didn’t do it”
Maybe this short blurb will inspire you to sign up (and join my team!), I can hope! Maybe this will inspire you to help support the MS Society even in a tiny way ($2.00, $5.00, $100.00?) Click the link to visit my page please!
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2018 BP MS 150

For cyclists and all those seeking a personal challenge and a world free of MS, Bike MS is the premier fundraising cycling series in the nation.

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