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There has been much discussion in recent years regarding the NHS: Its importance and its future. I can attest to the former as someone who has received a large amount of high-quality NHS treatment and would not be here today if it were not for the service. I can tell you that the latter is of the utmost importance for the wellbeing of our society going forward.

I spoke at a day of public debate hosted at the Royal Society of Medicine, addressing not merely my personal history with the NHS but my assessment, as a scientist, of its relevance. You may read an excerpt of the speech linked below.

I urge all of you to use your minds and your voices to fight for the future of the NHS. - SH
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The NHS saved me. As a scientist, I must help to save it | Stephen Hawking

The crisis in the health service has been created by politicians who want to privatise it – when public opinion points the other way, writes the scientist Stephen Hawking

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