Economic Freedom Fighters is a Marxist-Leninist Fanonian Economic Emancipation Movement, which fights for the economic rights of all Africans.

Commissar Collen Sedibe is the re-elected EFF Provincial Chairperson in Mpumalaga. Also the EFF MPL and Party Leader in the province.

He says what attracted him to the EFF is the need for change, the land question and other policies. He has been part of the EFF since its establishment and has participated fully in the two day assembly on “What is to be done?”

Commissar Collen says they went out in full force in Mpumalanga because they were better organized than in the previous elections. There was 100% EFF presence in all the wards and VDs and that assisted a great deal.

The challenge they met during the campaign was voter apathy, most people said they were not going to vote because they are tired of empty promises but they pushed. Another was political intolerance which landed a Fighter in ICU after he was shot three times.

“2019 elections were so exciting on the one hand due to the positive response we received from majority of the people including the elderly and the rejection of the ANC on the other hand.” says Commissar Collen.

He further states that during the campaigning “we received many touching challenges our people are faced with.”

Commissar Collen says they're not excited about being an official opposition because that is not what they wanted. He adds that when they entered the boxing ring, they wanted an outright majority in order to end corruption and deliver quality services to the people of Mpumalanga.

Even so, EFF Mpumalanga will continue were they left and are going to close the gabs identified and perfect the structures before preparations for the 2021 Local Government Elections.

He says the EFF in Mpumalanga sends its sincere gratitude to all the people who took their time to vote for the EFF.

He commits the EFF in MP to remain eyes, mouth, ears and will ensure that all the challenges are resolved even though we are not governing

The earlier the better!

#EFFWayawaya #ChooseEFFLeadership

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