This is the OFFICIAL Manu Bennett Fan Page. He is best known as Crixus, in Spartacus, as Azog in the Hobbit and Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in Arrow.

Traditionally Maori would haka & /or go into battle naked. There is term called "noa" which refers to that which is not sacred & free of "tapu" the Maori term for sacred. To be completely free of noa one could become tapu. This feeling when you haka cannot be explained in modern Christian context as it belongs to ancient spiritual energy, where natures' forces held more religious significance. I performed the above haka at an ancient Viking settlement once known as Dynjandi. Now only the footstones remain & this wonderful waterfall, the energy of whixh enticed the Icelandic Vikings to live there. I felt such a huge wave of energy & connection I allowing myself the full commitment to the haka I order to connect to past energy. Of course there is no cell phone to call these ancients only a spiritual commitment to move past reality into the spiritual world. No clothes or watches, or things "noa" can be allowed because this is a "tapu" domain. Even speaking about it can reduce tapu but I hope my ancestors will support this korero (talk) with positive wairua (spiritual guidance & energy).

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