This is an e/mail I recieved from my son Mike today ...can you all help this couple by voting for them .....thanking you in advance xxx
Mike Aldred 20 June at 04:50 Reply
Hi Everybody,

I have a huge favour to ask of you!

My senior pair team have this little goal of being the first New Zealand Figure skaters to represent their country (New Zeland) at the coming Winter Olympics in 2014, but in order for them to do this, they need to get some international training and competition experience in. They have been skating 6 months together on and off, because Ariel lives in Auckland and Grant in Dunedin, so they must travel to each other over weekends and in holidays to train.

Their short term goal is to be selected for the Four Continents Championships this season, and depending on their result, make a bid for the World Championships as well. Before this however, we realise that we need to increase their experience and skate with other pair teams in a more appropriate environment than Ocean-locked New Zealand. They have been invited to attend an academy of Excellence in Ice Skating in Detroit throughout our Summer next year. If you wish to have a look at the rink and facilities (which far outstrip anything that we have here in NZ),.

In order to be able to afford this, we have applied for the AMP scholarship, which has several parts to it, one of which is a peoples choice award which requires votes from family and friends and friends of friends. It would be absolutely amazing if you could possibly vote for us at [ Doyourthing.co.nz Link ] !!!

If you feel you can help please vote and forward this to anyone else who you think can help. Thanks a lot because if you received this email although I may not have spoken to you in ages I still think of you as friends.

PS It would be nice to hear some stories of how you are doing and hope to chat to you soon.

Do Your Thing! : AMP Scholarship

AMP Scholarship to help Kiwi's do their thing
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Do Your Thing! : AMP Scholarship

AMP Scholarship to help Kiwi's do their thing

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