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鍾叔河先生,1931年生,湖南人,我國著名出版家。47歲才進入出版行業的他,在10多年中,幹了3件大事:主編了《走向世界叢書》、《曾國藩全集》和《周作人文集》。如今鍾老的《念樓學短》再版新出。書中精選100字以內,獨立成章的經典古文530篇,非常受歡迎。#經典古文 #鍾叔河

Zhong Shuhe, born in 1931, is from Hunan. He’s a well-known publisher in China. Entering the publishing industry at 47, he has 3 major achievements in his career of over a decade: the publication of the series From East to West, Zeng Guofan’s Collection and Zhou Zuoren’s collection. Recently his own book Nianlouxueduan is republished. The collection of 530 classic ancient Chinese proses no longer than 100 words is well-received.
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