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86年女生岡步,現在生活在日本愛知縣常滑鎮,她每天都穿男裝、貼鬍子,把自己打扮成一個50歲大叔,在工作室做一種可愛爆棚的陶藝人形小車。她為自己和小車們成立了一個公司,每輛車都是她手下的員工,自己就成為了擁有千名員工的社長。#職人 #日本

Oka Ayumi was born in 1986. She now lives in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. She dresses herself as a 50-year-old man with men's clothes and mustache, and makes an adorable kind of human-shaped ceramic cars in her studio. She founds a company for those cute little cars, each of whom is an employee of her, and she became the boss of thousands of employees.
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一個86年女生,做出全世界最可愛的汽車 A 33-year-old Girl Makes the Cutest Cars in the World
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