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今年柏林電影節上,王小帥執導的電影《地久天長》的兩位主演詠梅、王景春,一舉包攬影帝影后,為華語片有史以來第一次。片長三小時卻無人離場,全體觀眾哭成淚人。片子講述了一個普通中國家庭30年的生活,夫妻人到中年,卻不幸失去獨子,因無法面對旁人的同情,遠走他鄉,試圖開始新生活。#電影 #柏林電影節

At this year's Berlin Film Festival, the leading actor and actress of director Wang Xiaoshuai’s movie "So Long, My Son", Yongmei and Wang Jingchun, won the Best Actor and the Best Actress. This is the first time in the history of Chinese-language films. The three-hour film touched every audience, moved them into tears. The film traces the lives of an ordinary Chinese family over three decades. The middle-aged couple loses their only son. Feeling uncomfortable of other’s sympathy, they move to a strange village and try to start a new life.
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他拍下中國人的隱忍底色,一舉拿下影帝影后 His Story about Chinese People's Forbearance Won them the Best Actor and the Best Actress
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