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睿衍是一名70後。去年,年近70的父親提出要回鄉養老,不忍心讓父親再住30年前的破屋,他花了300萬,在常州鄉下的宅基地上,重建了兩層半的小別墅。房子看上去半新不舊,裡面用的東西卻很考究,裝修費用一次次超標,最後竟然是預算的3倍。#設計 #房子

Rui Yan is a post-70 man whose father expressed the wish to spend his old age in hometown last year. Rui was worried about his old man who’s approaching 70 living in a dilapidated house built 30 years ago. Therefore, he spends 3 million building a new house of 2 and half storeys on the same land. Although the house looks nothing fancy, the things inside are worth a lot. The cost overruns again and again, and reaches 3 times of the original budgets.
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他為父親回鄉造房,什麼都用最貴的 He Builds a House for His Father in Hometown with Everything inside Worth a Lot
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