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在全芬蘭地價最高的首都赫爾辛基市中心,政府花了近一億歐元(新台幣近35億),造了一所完全免費開放的圖書館,可以玩遊戲、租房、甚至做飯……這裡幾乎沒有書,卻被稱為“書的天堂”,還入圍了2019年歐洲頂級建築獎項“密斯獎”。開館以來,每天都有上萬人前往。#圖書館 #建築

In the downtown of Finland’s capital Helsinki, the local government spent nearly 100 million euros building a library of free admission on the highest-priced land of the nation. In the library, people can play games, rent a room or even cook. The space has few books, but is called the “heaven of books”. It’s also shortlisted for the EU Mies Van Der Rohe Award 2019. Since opening, it attracts over 10,000 visitors every day.
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全球最顛覆的圖書館! The Most Untraditional Library in the World
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