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1年前,江蘇泰州的殷女士委託設計師王帥改造祖宅,這是她父親生前最大的願望。於是王帥花了200多萬,將老宅變成400㎡別墅。房子正中間,專門設計了50㎡祠堂,用來放父親的牌位。房子周圍,安裝了30多公尺長的燈,當夜幕降臨,燈會自動亮起來,為殷女士父親點亮回家的路。#設計 #建築

One year ago, Ms Yin from Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, commissioned designer Wang Shuai to transform her ancestral house, which was her father’s last will. So Wang Shuai spent more than 2 million on the makeover of the old house, transforming it into a 400㎡ mansion. In the middle of the yard, a dedicated 50㎡ ancestral hall was built to enshrine her father’s memorial tablet. Over 30-meter-long strip light was installed around the house. When the night falls, the lights lit up automatically to lead Ms Yin's father the way home.
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她花200萬為去世父親造別墅,一年只回來住2天 She Spends 2 Million Building Mansion for Her Late Father and Visits Only 2 Days a Year
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