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3年前的春天,杭州人付行程在浙江千島湖湖畔發現了一處絕美山谷,這裡只有5戶人家,一到3月野櫻花成片開放。於是,他迅速在這租了幾棟房子,開起了民宿,還打造了一處長達2066米的賞櫻密道。這裡幾乎沒有手機信號,客房裡也沒有電視,付行程說:“這裡不是城市,就應該徹底丟開手機,好好跟家人、朋友說說話。”#民宿 #賞櫻

3 springs ago, Hangzhou man Fu Xingcheng found a charming valley sitting on the side of Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang, dwelled by only 5 families. Wild sakura blossoms all over the valley from January to March. So he rented a few houses here, started a B&B, and built a 2066-meter sakura trail. Mobile phone signal here is rather poor, and there is no TV in the room. Fu said: “Leaving your smartphone behind and talking with families and friends is what you should do being out here.”
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杭州大叔包下山谷造民宿,成為櫻花季最美去處 Hangzhou Man Rent a Valley to Build a Beautiful B&B for Sakura Watch and More
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