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1982年前後,日本攝影師秋山亮二,五次來華拍攝中國小朋友,留下近8000張照片,整理出版成《你好,小朋友》攝影集。這些沒有拍照比「耶」姿勢的質樸生活場景,喚起了70後、80後對純真年代的記憶,紅遍全網。2019年1月,一條在東京採訪到這位已76歲的攝影師。#攝影 #歷史

Ryōji Akiyama, a Japanese photographer, visited China for 5 times around 1982 to take pictures of children in the country. Based on his 8,000 pictures, an album called Hi Children was published. The simple scenes of life in the album evoke memories of China’s post-70s and post-80s about their innocent childhood, and go viral on the internet. In January, 2019, Yit interviewed the photographer who’s already 76 years old in Tokyo.
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一個日本爺爺,拍了8000張30年前中國小孩的照片 A Japanese Old Man Took 8,000 Pictures of Children in China 30 Years Ago
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