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埃爾溫·奧拉夫(Erwin Olaf)拍照40年,是荷蘭最有影響力的攝影師,曾多次受邀為荷蘭皇室拍攝肖像照,這些肖像還被印在歐元硬幣上。作為場景藝術大師,奧拉夫的鏡頭畫面如油畫般精致,大膽討論性、權力、孤獨、絕望、衰老。看他的照片,就像看定格的電影,讓人産生強烈好奇。#攝影 #藝術

Ervin Olaf, the most influential Dutch photographer, has been shooting for 40 years. He has been invited more than once to take portraits for the Dutch royalty, and also designed the 2014 Dutch euro coins with the portrait of the king. Through his camera, the scenes always look as exquisite as oil paintings. His photos, centering on sex, power, loneliness, desperation and aging, are like freeze-frames from films, leading to intense curiosity.
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這位情色攝影大師來中國了:人性的脆弱最吸引我 The Master of Erotic Photography is now in China, ‘I’m Attracted by Fragility the Most’
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