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1996年出生的香港女孩Daphne,大學期間,完成了她第一部生態紀錄片《白海豚失樂園》。片子的主角中華白海豚,本是香港回歸的吉祥物,但這20年來,由於人類活動和環境問題,其數量從188條驟減至47條!它們的生育能力也大大降低,2016-2017年,香港水域每年出生的海豚寶寶只有1隻!#紀錄片 #白海豚

Hong Kong girl Daphne, born in 1996, completed her first ecological documentary, "Breathing Room" during her college years. The protagonist of the film, Chinese white dolphin, is the mascot of Hong Kong's handover to China, but over the past 20 years, due to human activities and environmental problems, its number has slumped from 188 to 47. Their fertility has also been greatly undermined, with only 1 baby dolphins born each year in Hong Kong waters in 2016 and 2017.
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拒絕生育的白海豚 White Dolphin Refuses to Breed
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