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蔡國強,中國“國際化”的藝術家名單中,最被關注、玩得最high的一個。2019年正月,這個用火藥繪畫的發明者,來到義大利,在龐貝古城實施了一場爆炸。爆炸中産生的作品,被運送至拿坡里國立考古博物館展出。一條攝製組獨家拍攝下整個過程。#藝術家 #火藥

Among the globally well-known Chinese artists, Cai Guo-Qiang is the one who receives the most attention and creates the wildest art works. In the 1st lunar month of 2019, he, as the inventor of gunpowder drawing, travelled to Italy and conducted an explosion event in the ancient remnants of Pompeii’s amphitheater. The works created in the explosion were then transported to the National Archeological Museum of Naples for exhibition. YIT was allowed an exclusive record of the whole process.
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這個男孩跑去國外,炸了一座廣場 A Boy Blows up a Square in Italy
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