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西南聯大是中國高等教育史上的一個傳奇,這所大學只存在了短短八年,卻誕生了172位院士,8位“兩彈一星”元勛,2位諾貝爾獎得主。2018年是西南聯大成立80週年,我們採訪了紀錄片《西南聯大》的導演徐蓓,片子豆瓣評分9.3,很多年輕人都很喜歡,感受到一種力量叫做“為中華之崛起而讀書”。#讀書 #西南聯大

The National Southwestern Associated University is a legend in the history of China’s higher education. The university only existed for 8 years but fostered 172 academicians, 8 pioneers of China’s “Two Bombs, One Satellite” and 2 Nobel laureates. 2018 marks the 80 anniversary of the university. We interviewed Xu Bei, the director of the documentary National Southwestern Associated University with a 9.3/10 rating on Douban. It’s popular among young people because they feel the power of “studying for a prosperous China” from the film.
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中國最牛大學 The Best University throughout China’s History
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