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日本的青森縣鶴田町,是一個人口只有13000人的小地方,卻因為一個創辦了31年的光頭協會,聞名全國。80多個因為脫髮而成為光頭的男人們,春秋兩季會聚在一起開2次大會,一起玩各種自己發明的搞笑遊戲,生活過得有滋有味,完全不會因為禿頂這件事,産生自卑。#光頭協會 #日本 #搞笑

Tsuruda, aomori prefecture, Japan is a small county with a population of only 13000, but is known across the country because of a 31-year-old Bald Men Club. Its over 80 bald members would gather twice annually in spring and autumn, have fun playing games. Baldness doesn’t make their life any less colorful.
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這個火遍亞洲的神奇組織,成員是80個光頭 The Insanely Hot Asian Group with 80 Bald Members
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