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今年22歲的祝新,剛從中國美術學院畢業。大學暑假時,他向父母借了2萬塊錢,跟幾個朋友僅花10天拍出電影《漫遊》,片子入圍了今年柏林電影節論壇單元。影片中,他把童年的記憶碎片拼合起來,許多情節都是來源於他小時候的親身經歷。#電影 #柏林電影節

Zhu Xin, 22 years old, just graduated from the China Academy of Art. During one summer holiday, he borrowed 20,000 yuan from his parents and made the film "Vanishing Days" with a few friends within mere 10 days. The feature was bowed in Berlin's Forum program. In the film he put together the fragmentary memory of his childhood. Many scenes were taken from his personal experience as a child.
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22歲大學生首次拍電影,進入柏林影展 Twenty-two-year-old University Student’s First Feature Made the Berlin Film Festival]
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