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在中國書畫史上,董其昌是四百年來貢獻最大、爭議也最大的人物,有一種說法叫,不懂董其昌,就不懂中國畫,但我們已經有整整一代人沒有見過他的作品。2018年12月7日起,到2019年3月10日,中國內地首個董其昌書畫大展在上海博物館舉行,全球15家博物館為此次大展借出鎮館之寶。#董其昌書畫大展 #上海博物館 #書畫

In the history of Chinese calligraphy and painting, Dong Qichang was the most remarkable and controversial figure in the recent 400 years. It is believed that one who doesn’t understand Dong Qichang doesn’t understand Chinese painting, but a whole generation of Chinese has been missing out on his works. From December 7, 2018 to March 10, 2019, the first Dong Qichang calligraphy and painting exhibition in mainland China was held at The Shanghai Museum, and 15 museums home and abroad loaned out the treasure of their collection for the exhibition.
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董其昌書畫大展 Dong Qichang’s Painting and Calligraphy Art
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