Love you for sharing this. On the face... of Modiji haters. These brainwashed puppets only know to hate someone who is trying to do good, just because he is putting fullstops on so many corrupt practices, which span from NGO's and money laundering, people who cannot accept the fact that the army and forces are giving a tough stance to aggression from enemies, with a clear chit from Modiji to pay with the same coin, to Business men and officers who have been pinched by demonitisation, and minorities who have been told a lie a thousand times that Chowkidar chor hai, that this false repetition now sounds as the truth, even if they have no proof of it, and their avengeful attitude to see him defeated


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Is Narendra Modi really transforming India?

Jay Agarwal, works at Federal Government of the United States

Answered on Quora 17.04.19

Since I have not lived in India for almost 25 years, I can only answer this as a perspective.
Note that as a US Citizen, I can neither vote in Indian elections, nor have any vested interest in the electoral outcome in India. Hence, objectivity!
I will narrate two stories to make my point. And I will not even use any boring statistics!
Story 1 -
A routine Uber ride in Washington DC, and an Afghani driver picks me up. After a few minutes, he asks me if I am Indian, and he smiles and says that he loves Bollywood. I smile back. His next question, do you know when somebody will make a movie on Modi. I am a little shocked, not at the movie suggestion but that he would know Modi. Anyway, I ask him why. His answer is that Modi is considered a magician in Afghanistan and Afghanis pray that they get a leader like him to make Afghanistan like India.
Story 2 -
My beloved coworker from Nigeria, Iteogu, starts every morning at work with a curse at the Nigerian President Buhari. Then gives me a baleful look and says, what do you care, you have Narendra Modi. Look where India is today.
So, two completely random non-Indians, with no political agenda, want somebody like Modi to run their respective countries because they believe Modi can turn their fortunes around.
Nobody has fed them propaganda.
They simply see what India has become under Modi and how it’s international prestige has soared.
I am not saying anybody is perfect, but in my 25 years in the US, I have never seen India receive so much attention and status as it has under Modi. You have to give credit where it is due.
Haters will hate, but it is undeniably Modi’s magic, pure and simple!
He has nailed it.
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