India has seized $361 million in cash, booze, drugs, gold and other contraband — not from gangs or criminal networks, but from candidates trying to win votes. [ Msgp.pl Link ]

Politicians in India use handouts to officially stay below campaign spending limits, and the pace of the giveaways is worrying some. Enforcement teams have already confiscated twice the value of cash and goods they did in 2014's election, raiding airports, train stations, hotels and farm houses.

"It's becoming a menace," a former chief election commissioner said. "People are placing more faith on money than policies and programs."

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India Seizures of Cash, Booze and Gold Surge

India’s enforcement agencies have so far seized cash, liquor, drugs, gold and other contraband worth 25 billion rupees ($361 million) as the country’s polling gets underway, already double the value of goods seized in the entire 2014 elections.

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