Jessie Hobba posted on May 20, 2019


I don't even know where to start with this shit. I have been avoiding explaining this because I feel like some things are self explanatory...but clearly some people can't get there on their own. This design is powerful because it takes a symbol used by redneck, racist, KKK, fuckwads throughout the U.S. and it twists it into a UTERUS and throws it back in their face. A la "Don't tread on YOU?! How about don't tread on women's reproductive rights?" This design isn't condoning or "taking up" of the flag with pride: it's flipping it around on the scumbags who normally use it with the thing they MOST feel entitled to and threatened by: "others"--in this case specifically CIS women. Women, in this instance, symbolized by the shape of a uterus. And yes I KNOW: all women don't have uteruses, but right now our country is trying to control the ones who do. Now we ALSO live in this ridiculous time when not only are we dealing with draconian, puritanical legislation and policies: we are ALSO dealing with back biting, "clap backing," shit-talking, problematic-hunting people within our communities. To them I say: choose your mother fucking battle. This design was created, and helps fund Planned Parenthood with every sale. That's why is was created! Do you honestly think this is meant to be a Uterus Klan flag? I hate and have always felt sickened by the Gadsden flag because--growing up--it was always flown by people who were threatening to me. If you follow this account you should know by now I take this shit very seriously and I would never take up a flag the Klan flies if it wasn't--in fact--a big fuck you to such people. Stop with the back biting bullshit and see it for the spoof and satire and fuck you that it is CLEARLY meant to be. If you want to spend some energy: go attack some evangelical, conservative, anti-choice, anti-women pages and stop dividing and conquering the momentum we should be gaining in the face of organized, systematic oppression of women, people of color, and the LBGTQ community that we are facing in this country right now. 🌿
#hinterlandempire #getthefuckoutofhere

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