Its Compost Awareness Week, and wow, I sure do Love Compost! I’ll be leading a workshop on all things Compost next Saturday Morning at Winding Stair Farm & Nursery in Franklin, NC (link in the comments) You can also come check out our Compost systems at both the Sylva and Cullowhee Community Gardens.


Happy International Compost Awareness Week! This year's theme is "Cool the Climate – Compost!" and highlights the extraordinary impact composting has on fighting climate change.

Composting avoids methane emissions created by organic materials in the landfill. By adding compost to our soils, it increases soils' ability to store carbon from our atmosphere - not to mention that it increases soil health overall!

Whether it's referring a friend to composting, spending time on your backyard pile or making the decision to start, we hope you join us in celebrating International Compost Awareness Week and that you party like a microbe!

International Compost Awareness Week

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