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The only browser built for freedom, not for profit. Get Firefox: https://mzl.la/292SfT5.

Dear 18 million people we’ve had the opportunity to interact with over the past several years here:

We’re taking a break from Facebook.

At Mozilla we champion platforms and technologies that are good for the web and good for the people that use it.
We stand up for transparency and user control because they make the web healthier for us all.

That’s why we are pressing pause on any Facebook activity. Mark Zuckerberg has just promised to improve Facebook’s settings and make them more protective, which is a start! Please do that! But we can’t help but think we’ve heard it before, so we’re still going to wait and see what materializes before we resume spending our ad dollars or time here.

If you need support for Firefox, you can find us here: [ Mozilla.org Link ]

If you’re someone who tweets, you’ll find us here: [ Twitter.com Link ]
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