'Advanced countries' like Germany & Netherlands do not have incidents like Booth capture, ballot paper stuffing, beating up on election officials by ruffians of political parties, chaos & clashes between political parties outside polling booths etc.

This fellow is losing Andhra Pradesh, so he's carrying out this nautanki. And it is in Congress' interest to support him.

Why do these fellows want ballot paper? Because...earlier they used to do rigging against each other. Now they have formed Mahagathbandhan. So rigging will be a collective effort.

May be BJP can still defeat them in fair elections but BJP most definitely can't beat them in rigging. Hence the demand for a paper ballot
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Chandrababu Naidu Leads Opposition Offensive Against EVMs, Demands 50% Verification of VVPAT Slips

Naidu, while addressing a press conference after the meeting, said even advanced countries such as Germany and the Netherlands have opted for ballot papers.

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