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You honesty can not predict the future. So many things that I never thought would happen to me happens. I've done so many things but never thought of taking on this chapter of becoming a mother. All of this came as a surprise. Another new venture presented to me by the universe. transitioning from who I was before to me now took time and yes, I felt lost and unsure but I can not be scared anymore. Stepping out of my comfort zone once again. I'm creating another being that will come into this world and wonder who it will become. During my time in Asia Ive had numerous magazine features, travelled Asia to do events, face my fear of public speaking by doing stand up comedy and even worked as a UFC ring girl but this by far makes me the most nervous. After coming back to Canada , I felt a disconnection from online platforms and wanted to take my time to slow down and enjoy life in another way. Over a decade of posting and planning, I felt great letting go and doing things many other people would say is "normal" but to me this is a whole new game. No filters no props just nature doing its thing. I wasn't sure of sharing this personal part of my life with you but I also didn't want to lie. Many of you have seen me grown from the beginning and I just wanted to have you join me on another chapter. Are u surprised as I am? Haha. Thank you to @mimles and @palette_creative for teaming up and making this reveal a real shocker. I was pregnant !! Can you guess boy or girl?
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