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It’s no surprise that the successful ‘Another Day In Paradise’, first single released out of ‘…But Seriously’ is to be found on the tracklist of ‘Serious Hits…Live!’.

Interestingly, the song was the last #1 of the 80s and the first of the 90s and since then it’s always been one of Phil’s fans favourites.

The song was born at the piano, with Phil recording what he was playing so to not forget it, and when he started singing the words just spontaneously came out “She calls out to the man on the street”.
This is when he decided that the song was going to be about homelessness, and how most days are just another day for most people, but are not for those finding shelter in the cardboard boxes of the streets of Washington DC, London,…

The rendition included on ‘Serious Hits…Live!’ has everyone on stage playing passionately and spotlessly, and contributing to the heartfelt climax of the third and final chorus.

Oh think twice,
It's just another day for you and me in paradise
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Serious Hits...Live! (Remastered) [VINYL] by Phil Collins

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