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Today after an amazing 15 years my main man in the kitchen @chefpool aka the wonderful steve pooley leaves my kitchen to continue his own culinary journey. It’s always the worst thing in the world for boss when some one you love, respect and have spent so much time with over the years decides to move on. but this is life and dedication like he’s given doesn’t happen very often in life so I count my blessings whole heartedly...! Steve you’ve been a wonderful power house to me over the years, your talent for cooking and building flavourful food, building teams, your insanely good/ wrong sense of humour and above all your loyalty, kindness and brilliant friendship. Brother With a tear in My eye I say good bye but I sincerely wish you and your beautiful family all the very best. Hears hoping we work together again in the future. Big love bro jamie oxxx @ Good Bye My Love

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