Dontre Hamilton January 20, 1983 - April 30, 2014

Dontre was resting in Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee on the afternoon of April 30, 2014, waiting for his brother to pick him up after work and take him to the family home. Two Milwaukee PD officers had already checked on him twice in response to calls from staff at the Starbucks cart located in the public park, and confirmed that he was OK and not doing anything illegal. Milwaukee police officer Christopher Manney, responding to a voicemail about the initial report, came to the park to check on Dontre for a third time that afternoon. Dontre objected when Manney insisted on patting him down. Manney then struck Dontre 8 times with his baton before Dontre was able to wrestle it from him and stop the beating. Manney shot Dontre fourteen times at close range, killing him.

Manney showed no significant injuries from the altercation, despite his claim that Dontre attacked him with the baton. He was fired for performing an improper patdown, but faced no disciplinary or criminal charges for the killing itself. He recently won the right to receive duty disability retirement payments from the Milwaukee Police Department.

A recently released documentary, The Blood is at the Doorstep, tells the story of Dontre's death and of his family's struggle for justice.

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The Blood is at the Doorstep (exclusive SXSW trailer)

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