Get ready for the Flea Market!! ^_^

Ayurveda Yoga Academy

The Ayurveda Christmas Flea Market is back this year! We will start collecting your unused items from this Monday, December 3rd until the 20th~

So if you have any clothing, accessories or yogi products (think towels, blocks, straps, candles, incense, tea, etc.) that you no longer use and that are still in good condition (good enough to sell) then please bring your items to the Siji or Manchon center for collection.

The Flea market will take place from 5pm ~ 10pm on the night of the Christmas Party, December 22nd.

Last year we donated all the proceeds to a local charity. This year we will be putting all proceeds towards the build of our new Ayurveda Yoga Ashram!

So bring and share a lot. It's for a good cause!^^

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