This short video truly shows what athletics is all about and what can happen when you always believe in yourself and have the Passion, Pride, and Heart of a Champion! These last two days have been the greatest and also the most emotional of my career...honestly this entire dream season has been! Alysha Clark has always been one of my favorite players since she became a member of our Seattle Storm family! I always loved going to games and seeing her passion, pride, and smile! I couldn't be more proud or blessed to work for our Storm family now and seeing her love and dedication and listening to her is one of the many reasons why! Seeing this video brought the happiest tears to my eyes because she deserves this WNBA Championship so much along with her amazing teammates! She is a true example of what happens when you work so hard, care so much, are a tremendous role model, and when you make a positive impact in the community and the lives of your teammates! Always believe in your dreams because NO ONE can ever stop you! Congratulations to AC and all of her awesome teammates! Our Seattle Storm family....2018 WNBA CHAMPIONS!
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Colin Davenport

From being cut, to not playing, to bench player, to starter to champion. This is what perseverance, hard work and owning your roll will get you. This is what a Storm legend looks like.

video via Holly Rowe

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