Kelsey Erinaceous posted on Nov 05, 2017

Sagh'ic Animist Communities

Dóigh Geala; burn brightly!
Today is the day of the Ancestors, the Day of The First Fire, who is the First Ancestor. From today until Saturday, all rules and taboos are laid aside when it comes to being with the dead, for they may come to talk with us and we may go and talk to them; Ancestors know from mistakes and experiences and can share so much with us and we too have so much to share with them, mistakes and experiences. No scary images and monsters to keep us from them or them from us, this is celebration and feast time. Dóigh Geala is a greeting, soul to soul, heart to heart, regardless and in spite of what we call death, it is like sitting in the warmth and light of the fire, having tea and cake with the dead, and course they get to do the same thing.

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