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77年前的今天,“民國四大才女”之一蕭紅在香港逝世,享年31歲。這位魯迅口中的天才作家,21歲開始創作,10年寫出100多萬字,代表作是《生死場》《呼蘭河傳》。1999年,導演田沁鑫把《生死場》改編成話劇,一鳴驚人,今年正好也是這部話劇20週年,我們請來田導,聊了聊這位傳奇女作家的一生。#文學 #曆史

77 years ago today, Xiao Hong, one of the four talented woman in the Republic of China, died in Hong Kong at the age of 31. The talented writer, highly praised by Lu Xun, began writing at 21, and she wrote more than 1 million words over 10 years. She was known for “The Field of Life and Death” and “Tales of Hulan River”. In 1999, director Tian Qinxin adapted “The Field of Life and Death” into a play, which received extensive attention. This year also happens to be the 20th anniversary of the play. We invited director Tian to talk about the life of this legendary female writer.
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民國才女蕭紅的傳奇一生 The legend of Xiao Hong: a Talented Woman of the Republic of China
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